Business Mediation in Fresno, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Santa Rosa, and San Jose, CA

Business Mediation Services in Fresno, CA

Forensic accounting plays an integral role in business mediation. Forensic accountants are often hired to settle financial disputes in companies by acting as a mediator for business valuations which require financial mediation expertise. Complex commercial disputes that demand an expert opinion require the support of forensic CPAs to provide independent assessments and weigh in on disputes of financial nature. Providing expert reports, meeting attendance, and advice to all parties involved are amongst the many responsibilities that forensic accountants have during business mediation disputes.

Our team of expert forensic accountants works with you to offer independent and expert financial advice in a multitude of financial disputes regarding commercial businesses. Our business mediation experts identify all the heads of loss and calculate the various risks bringing both parties in business disputes to an agreed position. Enterprises in Santa Clara, Fresno, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and San Jose, California trust Sugarman & Company LLP. for their business mediation needs.

Business Mediation Services in San Francisco, CA

Business Mediation Services in San Francisco, CA

In complex mediation processes, sometimes involved parties can never reach a mutual agreement without the help of professional expertise. Add finances into the mix and business can get messy, fast. Forensic accountants provide professional business mediation services that considered all parties involved.

At Sugarman & Company LLP. our team of forensic CPA’s considers the many primary, secondary, and third party interests involved in commercial financial disputes. Factors such as emotions, relationships, information, communication, and influences are involved in complex financial issues. Our forensic CPAs have experience in balancing these interests for all parties and help enterprises come to practical and functional business mediation decisions.

With a reputation for excellence, our forensic accounting specialist are amongst the most trusted third-party business mediators in the nation. Through the careful facilitation of business mediation processes, we help Bay Area businesses come to agreements that benefit all parties.

San Jose and Santa Clara, CA Business Mediation

Business mediation is not an easy task. Finding practical and functional results when it comes to the financial mediation of businesses can be a messy affair that not all forensic accountants are equipped to handle. However, our team of professionals has years of expertise in business mediation services for San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, and the surrounding areas. Common business mediation services that we provide for Bay Area businesses include but are not limited to business mediation in:

  • Breaches of contract
  • Product liability claims
  • Business interruption claims
  • Personal injury claims
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Commercial insurance claims
  • Employee fraudulent investigations