Corporate Forensics, Personal Injury Forensics, and Divorce Forensics in San Jose, CA

There are many times when having an expert on your team in San Jose, CA can help make the difference in proving or disproving accusations. From working with personal injury cases to providing expert analysis in divorce and custody cases to assisting corporations with achieving financial stability, our team at Sugarman & Company is ready to tackle some of the most complex situations and cases. We have over 50 years of experience working with multi-million dollar companies and other high-profile cases. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can provide our expertise to your situation.

Business Forensics, Business Separations/Divorce, and Business Litigation Support in San Jose, CA

We focus on analyzing and figuring out your main problem, in order to implement the most effective solution including the willingness to take full responsibility to a favorable outcome. Many times we have helped businesses do a debt restructuring so that they can become profitable. Other times we can provide valuation and the division of assets during a business divorce. And we are always ready as expert witnesses to support our client’s postion.

Personal Injury Forensics for Accidents and Slip and Fall Cases in San Jose

If you are involved in an accident that goes to court, you may need assistance with accident reconstruction where a variety of details can be included in the report, including the weather at the time, road conditions, and more. Our team is also able to analyze medical records to provide expert opinions on the various personal injuries that have been sustained. It is also important to understand the importance of the sequence of events that lead to an incident.

Divorce and Custodial Audio and Video Forensics in San Jose, California

We offer a range of services that can help our clients protect their financial interests and secure favorable custody arrangements. Our team can analyze and authenticate both audio and video files which can be crucial pieces of evidence in a case. It may also be useful to review and analyze financial statements like bank statements and other documents to paint a full financial picture.

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Sugarman & Company has provided assistance to numerous businesses in San Jose. Mayor Tom McEnery adopted the city motto of “Capital of Silicon Valley” in 1988 to promote the city. Major companies have headquarters in San Jose including Adobe, Inc, eBay, Samsung, Broadcom, and more. If you are looking at a business restructuring, assistance with debt restructuring, family cases or other issues where forensics can help, make the call to our team and get expert help.