Small Business Accountant, Forensic CPA, & Forensic Accounting Expert In Sacramento, San Francisco, Fresno, Oakland, Santa Clara, San Jose, Santa Rosa, CA, and the Surrounding Areas

Without a doubt, businesses need to maintain proper accounting. However, many small businesses struggle to find the time to keep up the bookkeeping. Even worse are the times when businesses face an audit or legal issues. That’s why it’s also important for businesses in Sacramento, San Francisco, Fresno, Oakland, Santa Clara, San Jose, Santa Rosa, CA, and the surrounding areas to have a trusted accountant.

Sugarman & Company LLP has provided small business accounting services and financial forensic accounting for many years. We offer forensic accounting for businesses of all sizes from our certified forensic accounting experts. Focus on your core business while working with an experienced small business accountant that can help keep your business running smoothly. Contact our team today to request a consultation.

Forensic Accounting by a Local Forensic Accounting Expert

Forensic Accounting Expert reviewing Financials in Oakland, CAYou may have your own accountant on staff, or if your business is large enough and you might have several people in that department. However, when legal concerns arise, there is no substitute for having an independent review of your company’s books by a reputable and knowledgeable third-party forensic accounting expert. At Sugarman & Company LLP, we have been providing forensic accounting services for many years and have developed a positive reputation for being thorough.

Employing our forensic accounting services can highlight any issues that may be present with your finances. Things like business violations, cash flow analysis, and even issues with going concern analysis can present an eye-opening experience and provide you with insights to make sound decisions going forward.

San Francisco Area Forensic CPA

Forensic CPA in San Francisco with laptop, magnifying glass, calculator, and financial documents under reviewOur forensic CPA offers decades of experience when it comes to forensic accounting. Our team has spent time in a variety of different courts as well, providing expert witness testimony on a variety of financial issues for businesses in and around Sacramento, San Francisco, Fresno, Oakland, Santa Clara, San Jose, Santa Rosa, and the surrounding areas. Insurance claims, reorganizations, business interruptions, bankruptcy, and other scenarios are just some of the things that our forensic CPAs have dealt with.

Whether you want to work with a small business accountant to help keep your business running well or you want forensic accounting experts for financial reviews, our team at Sugarman & Company LLP is ready to assist. Contact us today to get our forensic CPAs on your case.