Corporate Forensics, Personal Injury Forensics, and Divorce Forensics in Davis, CA

Finances are an important part of our lives, whether that involves our personal finances or the finances of a large corporation in Davis, CA. There are many times where having a third party review finances as part of a litigation case, divorce case, or even a personal injury case is important for understanding what happened, and at Sugarman & Company that is our expertise.

We have been called upon by attorneys for defendants as well as plaintiffs and have more than 50 years of experience in a wide range of industries. If your case has an element of financial issues, call in our experts to get a full picture of what happened. Contact us today to learn more.

Business Forensics, Business Separations/Divorce, and Business Litigation Support in Davis, CA

There are countless businesses and business activities that operate without any issues and you never hear about them because things are going well. But there are plenty of cases where a business doesn’t do things properly and tries to get away with things. The only way to help provide a clear picture of what happened is to review and explain it via forensic accounting. This can include business founders separating, cases a business is involved in, and more.

Personal Injury Forensics for Accidents and Slip and Fall Cases in Davis

Personal injury cases involving accidents or slip and fall cases can be straightforward, but other times evidence is showing that something else shady was going on. Personal injury forensics will help to provide more evidence about where money was coming from and illustrate any anomalies that might be questionable. It could also clear up issues that are cloudy to prove nothing nefarious was happening.

Divorce and Custodial Audio and Video Forensics in Davis, California

When it comes to cases of divorce or custody of children, it is important to be able to analyze people’s phone records as well as their cell phone devices. Audio and video forensics can help to establish there where and when questions on specific dates and times, and with the ever-growing number of video cameras with audio recording capabilities, cleaning up these files to definitely show important details can make or break a case.

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Sugarman & Company has found their focus in forensics, just like Davis has found their focus in being a bicycle-centric city. Specific planning decisions made in years past have led to the development of a city widely considered to be one of the most bike-friendly in the country. In fact, Davis is the only city in the United States that features a high-wheeled bicycle in its city logo. Involve Sugarman & Company as early as possible with your financial forensic needs.