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Forensic AccountingSuffering a major financial loss is devastating. Whether you have been accused of financial fraud or are the victim of wrongdoing; issues of the financial nature may leave you feeling violated or personally attacked. When it comes to hiring a forensic accountant to investigate financial discrepancies you need to hire someone you can trust. Sugarman & Company in San Francisco and surrounding areas provides trusted professional litigation for both plaintiff and defense by offering :

Forensic CPAs

Forensic CPAs blend exceptional accounting and investigative skills to offer clients the protection and security they need when solving precarious economical issues. When it comes to financial investigations forensic CPAs provide meticulous expert written reports, assist in depositions, testify as a witness, investigate fraud, assist in civil investigations, and even assist in criminal cases. Hiring a forensic CPA should not be left to chance. For such an important job, you not only deserve the best but need the best forensic accountant available. Sugarman & Company offers the highest level of expertise when it comes to forensic accounting; so nothing is left to chance.

Financial Forensics

Forensic CPADetecting financial fraud for the use of legal action requires a high level of intuition, investigation, and expertise. If you suspect fraud or foul play by a company or institution, you need the most scrupulous and diligent minds on the task.

Sugarman & Company of San Francisco, San Jose & surrounding areas commits itself to excellence in the field of financial forensics; uncovering the truth and assisting for the duration of the legal process. Working with your best interests at heart Sugarman & Company labors tirelessly to provide optimal service and excellent fiduciary advice.

Forensic Accounting Experts in San Francisco

There are certain services that you don’t want to leave to chance. Hiring a reliable and trusted forensic accounting expert is essential in ensuring that your specific case is handling with the utmost professionalism and competence.

With over 50 years of experience in the business, Sugarman & Company is dedicated to providing the best possible forensic accounting experts for whatever your need may be. The following is a small variety of cases handled by Sugarman & Company:

  • Lender liability- pertaining to the lender’s obligation to the borrower.
  • Bankruptcy- when outstanding debts are left unpaid.
  • Professional malpractice- lack of professional competence on the behalf of the professional.
  • Constructive damages- damages from wrongdoing from one party to another.

With expertise in an array of forensic accounting issues, Sugarman & Company provides its clients with optimal service.