Forensic CPAs in San Francisco, and Davis, CA

Forensic CPAs for Davis, CAIt can be a challenge to find trustworthy and honest forensic CPAs in San Francisco and Davis, California. In addition to the difficulty in finding a trustworthy forensic CPA, it can be a challenge to find the right forensic CPA that possesses analytical investigation talents that are concise and comprehensive. However, when it comes to hiring a forensic accountant, you need a forensic CPA that’s skilled not only in accounting and investigation but someone who’s going to act as a trustworthy expert witness in legal cases.

With over 40 years of service to Davis and San Francisco, CA we pride ourselves on providing unmatched forensic accounting services from a team of certified and trustworthy public accountants. Not only do our workers have the skills and the expertise to get the job done, but our reputation for excellence also precedes us as the best forensic accounting company in the Bay Area, and throughout the nation.

Forensic CPAs in San Francisco, CA

Forensic CPAs in San Francisco, CABeing a forensic CPA means being highly qualified for the position. Not all CPAs have the proper licensing to be a forensic CPA who’s trusted to conduct comprehensive investigations in financial litigation cases. In addition to analytical skills and strong investigative talents, forensic CPAs in California need to procure the proper licensing to be qualified for the job. At Sugarman & Company LLP. our team of forensic certified public accounts are armed with the proper certifications and credentials to get the job done. Common certifications that our forensic CPAs possess are:

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)- While having your CPA license is not required to be a forensic CPA, many forensic CPAs choose to be practicing certified public accountants to add value to their professional skill set. Not only does it show that CPAs are qualified, but it also expresses to the public that CPAs have passed one of the toughest licensing examinations in the United States.
  • Certified Forensic Examiner (CFE)- As the most recognizable credential for forensic CPAs, certified forensic examiner (CFE) certifications ensure that forensic CPAs are qualified for forensic accounting.
  • Certified Forensic Financial Analyst (CFFA)- Certified forensic financial analyst also known as CFFA certifications is sponsored by the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts, known for forensic purposes such as matrimonial disputes, litigation, and torts cases.

Certified Forensic CPAs for Davis, CA Residents

The primary focus of forensic CPAs is to provide evidence and representation in litigation cases. Trained to work with attorneys and law enforcement, financial CPAs investigate financial records such as tax records and foreign wire transfers to find fraudulence errors. With forensic accounting skills that are similar to that of a CPA, our forensic CPAs have the specific purpose of looking for fraudulent activities in financial records and opportunities that criminals may exploit.