Corporate Forensics, Personal Injury Forensics, and Divorce Forensics in Santa Clara, CA

What would you do if your business was on the brink of financial insolvency? How could you prove that you were with your children at a specific time and location in Santa Clara, CA? What if you had a personal injury in a vehicle accident? In all of these cases you can benefit from our expertise at Sugarman & Company. We have professionals that can help a business restructure and get their finances back in order.

We have audio and video experts that can confirm the authenticity of audio and video files that show dates and times. Lost wages and medical expenses can add up with financial damages for the injured party. All of these require an experienced third party to verify facts and figures. Contact us today to put us on your case for a positive outcome.

Business Forensics, Business Separations/Divorce, and Business Litigation Support in Santa Clara, CA

Businesses have a number of needs and some of these can involve a third party. If your business is looking to merge with another business, this may require a due diligence investigation. We can also perform many other services, such as a risk assessment to help mitigate potential issues around fraud, taxes, and more. If a business is involved in litigation, we can provide a litigation strategy and work with your attorneys for a solid approach.

Personal Injury Forensics for Accidents and Slip and Fall Cases in Santa Clara

It is becoming more common every day for security cameras to capture incidents, and this can be valuable evidence and provide good information about a personal injury case you may be involved in. Our experienced team can help enhance this video footage to make it easier to identify specific details about a claim or to refute those claims. This is vitally helpful in slip and fall cases as well.

Divorce and Custodial Audio and Video Forensics in Santa Clara, California

Divorce and custody cases can quickly devolve and require more information to help settle the full dispute. Our team has helped with background investigations that can confirm past employers, criminal history, past relationships, and more. We can also help to forensically analyze audio and video files to clarify details and information, as well as determine if any alterations may have been made to those files.

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Our decades of experience in a range of industries makes us at Sugarman & Company a sought after professional team. Santa Clara is home to an extraordinary array of high-tech companies, including Applied Materials, Intel, Nvidia, Oracle and Ericsson. More than 9,400 businesses, including many of the world’s top technology firms, have started, taken root and thrived in the City of Santa Clara. Contact us today to have us help your business become another success story for Santa Clara.