Corporate Forensics, Personal Injury Forensics, and Divorce Forensics in Fresno, CA

Most of the time we don’t really think much of our personal finances or those of a business or corporation in Fresno, CA. However, those can suddenly take on a much more important role when a business is needing to restructure, when a business is going through litigation, and even personal injury cases and divorce cases. At Sugarman & Company we have been providing expert financial forensics for a variety of situations for more than 40 years and have worked with many different attorneys, banks, and other entities. Contact us today to have our team get working on your case.

Business Forensics, Business Separations/Divorce, and Business Litigation Support in Fresno, CA

There can be times when a business is floundering and those running the business may not have a clear direction of what to do. Bringing in our team can help to analyze the situation, develop a plan, talk with creditors, and generally help to steer the business back to financial stability. Sometimes a business needs to be split up or the founders need to have help as they separate with some exiting the business and others remaining to run the operation.

Personal Injury Forensics for Accidents and Slip and Fall Cases in Fresno

It can be very easy to have someone bring a lawsuit alleging they had an accident on your property or that they slipped on something and fell and injured themselves. What can you do to show that what they are alleging didn’t happen? Video forensics is an important feature in many of these cases, and our team can help take the different video files that you have and clean them up to show the important details and answer the questions surrounding the allegations.

Divorce and Custodial Audio and Video Forensics in Fresno, California

Some cases are easy and straightforward, but other times they can be messy and involve a lot of digging to get to the truth. Often the messy cases can be divorce cases or custody cases. It can be important to analyze audio or video files to help establish certain details. But financial forensics can be just as important, such as reviewing bank statements, and even engaging in background investigations.

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Sugarman & Company has a good deal of history in Fresno, CA. Bank of America issued the world’s first successful credit card in 1958 called the BankAmericard. Nearly 20 years later this was spun off into a separate business and renamed to what we know it as today: Visa. Lots of other history and firsts were done in Fresno as well. When you are looking for forensic specialists in accounting, video, and more, contact our team to get us on your case.