Business Mediation in Davis, Fresno, Santa Clara, and all the Surrounding Areas

Business disputes are a common occurrence. If they are not dealt with immediately, they can cause a significant loss to the company. This is why business mediation should be made compulsory. Founded back in 1977, Sugarman & Company LLP is an expert in dealing with difficult situations. For over 50 years now we have been providing litigation support to our clients for both defense as well as plaintiff. We have a team of certified fraud examiners who hold certificates in insolvency and reorganization techniques. They have experience in various fields like advertisements, business valuations, direct selling, damage assessments, and many other such industries.  Our founder, Mr. Sugarman, is also appointed in important positions in many other prestigious organizations. Whenever the business houses of Davis, San Francisco, Fresno, San Jose, Santa Rosa, and Santa Clara, be it public companies or private, are in trouble, we are here to provide assistance in developing and implementing survival strategies. 

Business Mediation in Davis, Fresno, Santa Clara

Below we have mentioned a few major reasons why mediations should be mandatory in businesses. Take a look. 

  • It can save relationships 

Relationships are very important in businesses as many transactions are done based on these relationships. Many times certain problems might crop up which might be a threat to these relationships and even cause loss to the business. Through mediation, these problems are sorted out and in turn, the relation comes out stronger. 


  • It is faster 

Whenever there’s a disagreement, things can escalate soon. If they reach the court systems, it will take years before a conclusive decision is made. Whereas scheduling a mediation process is way faster and results are also delivered way quicker that any court or tribunal. Opting for business mediation not only saves money but also the valuable time of the people working there. 

So, if you want to know in detail about business mediation, you can talk to our experts on 415-314-6566.