Business Mediation in San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, Santa Rosa, and Surrounding Areas

Everyone knows how expensive legal fees are these days. So, the sooner a dispute is resolved the better it is for all the parties involved. Hiring a mediator to settle such disputes would be a wise decision. Sugarman and Company LLP is here to give you the right guidance in business mediation. We are a consulting and accounting firm based in San Francisco. For more than 5 decades we have been helping companies come out of financial, legal as well as personal distress. We, at Sugarman and Company, know how threatening and exhausting disputes can be. Hence our team deals with each mediation case with utmost dedication, giving attention to minute details. Your company is in the hands of our highly skilled professionals who use their years of experience and knowledge to solve your dispute at the earliest, thus saving you precious time and money. People residing in Davis, Fresno, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, and Santa Rosa trust us because of our exceptional service and expert opinions.

Business Mediation in San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, Santa RosaBelow we have mentioned 3 situations where business mediation is needed. Take a look.

  • Workplace mediation

The disparity in pay scale, the competition to attain power and interpersonal struggles are a few common workplace conflicts. You can use mediation to resolve these issues to preserve the ambiance needed for the smooth ongoing work.

  • Insurance mediation

This is one of the most common cases for mediation due to its complex nature. When so much money is involved disputes are quite common. We have mediators who have a thorough knowledge of insurance law; they can solve any problem.

  • Personal injury mediation

In the business world, personal injuries are mostly in forms of torts and most of these cases are solved out of court through mediation. Our mediators are experts at handling such cases.

So, if you ever need a business mediator, you can call us on 415-314-6566.