Corporate Disputes in Santa Clara, Davis, San Jose, and all the Surrounding Areas

Disputes are a common affair in the business world. These not only disrupt the flow of business but also can be very costly. The best way to resolve these corporate disputes would be outside the courtroom. If you are looking for mediators to handle such situations, then your search ends at Sugarman & Company LLP. Since 1977, we have been providing solutions for companies facing financial distress. As a certified fraud examiner, we specialize in the areas of forensic accounting, bankruptcy, and court-appointed fiduciary services. Being in this industry for over 4 decades, we have gathered experience over a wide range of fields from advertising, selling and distribution to construction and hospitals. We even have a certification in insolvency and reorganization advisory which includes business valuation, damage assessments, and mediation testimonies. We have built a steady clientele of business houses in and around San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Rosa, Santa Clara, Davis, and Fresno. 

Corporate Disputes in Santa Clara, Davis, San Jose

Below we have mentioned 2 common types of corporate disputes that usually take place. Take a look. 

  1. Contractual Disputes 

Whenever a party to a contract fails to execute his part, there is a breach of contract. These kinds of disputes can vary from disagreement on material, nit meeting the deadline, and non-payment for goods and services. Bigger the risk, the more diligent you have to be. But instead of taking a drastic step every time, call for a mediator and settle the matter before it gets out of hand. 

  1. Shareholder Disputes 

This is more common in small and medium-sized companies; these clashes over major decisions can significantly affect the company. A typical shareholder’s dispute is because they were denied dividend payout or it was reduced, denial of input on managerial decisions, not receiving the rights when a shareholder leaves a company. You wouldn’t want to anger your shareholders, so with the help of a mediator resolve all the issues. 

So, if you want the help of our mediator to resolve your company disputes, you can get in touch with our experts on 415-314-6566.