Financial Consulting Firms in Sacramento, CA

Your business has been running fairly well in Sacramento, CA, but there are different issues that just seem to always be there. Perhaps it’s time that you work with a financial consultant to review everything with a fresh pair of eyes. At Sugarman & Company LLP, we have built our business on understanding financial records and helping to answer a variety of questions related to healthy business practices and planning for future needs. We can help you answer questions such as if you should invest in certain equipment or to take on debt to add another location. Talk with us today to start your relationship with our financial consultants and start to reap the benefits.

Financial Consultant in Sacramento

Many times, we have seen where a business or organization has been struggling financially and has taken on debt in order to manage their ongoing business. Often these are short-term decisions that are made to try to stem the tide of negative issues. With a financial consultant that has no vested interest, we are often able to point out strategies that will help to bring the business back to profitability and allow for the debt incurred to be paid off, sometimes much faster than anticipated.

Other times, your organization may be involved with a lawsuit which may involve the financial records of the business. As experts with financial records, we can often be the entity that talks about your financial status and provides the courts with the needed information without putting your business in jeopardy. We can help to provide not only your current records with commentary but can also use them to provide forecasts of business activity along with changes for the future and how those changes will impact the business.

Financial Consulting Firms for Sacramento, California

Financial Consulting Firms Discussing Finances at Table in Sacramento, CAYou wouldn’t balk at having an attorney help you with legal issues, so why not have a financial consultant help you with financial issues in Sacramento, California? You have an organization to run and smart business people surround themselves with those who are experts in various subjects that they themselves are not as well versed. Sugarman & Company LLP provides this financial expertise that will complement your business practices and give you new insights to complex issues that you will face.

We are a team of financial experts that has decades of experience as a financial consulting firm. By December 1848, John Sutter Jr., in association with Sam Brannan, began laying out the City of Sacramento, 2 miles south of his father’s settlement of New Helvetia. Sacramento is the oldest incorporated city in California, incorporated on February 27, 1850. It was designated as the western terminus of the Pony Express. Later it became a terminus of the First transcontinental railroad. Contact us today to start experiencing the benefits of working with a financial consultant.