Financial Mediator in San Jose, Davis, Santa Rosa, and all the Surrounding Areas

We all know issues of financial nature can be daunting, tedious and exhaustive. Getting a third-party help often helps in resolving the long-drawn conflict. Sugarman & Company LLP are well-known problem solvers in California. For the past 5 decades, we have helped troubled public and private companies come out of their financial distress. As a financial mediator, we have investigated cases of fraud, bankruptcy, and credit disputes among other cases. We take great pride in the fact that, till now, we have successfully organized over $1 billion debt of various companies. Our financial experts, after evaluating every situation, develop and implement their survival strategies. We examine every minute detail with utmost care as we know even the smallest detail can change everything. In cases of legal matters when investigation of sensitive financial issues comes up, our professionals can handle the situation by working alongside both the plaintiff and the defense attorney. People of Davis, Fresno, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, and Santa Rosa come to us because they have faith in us. Whatever be the dispute we can resolve them 

Financial Mediator in San Jose, Davis, Santa Rosa

Below we have mentioned 3 essential qualities a mediator should have. Take a look. 

  • Investigative Skills 

A mediator needs to do an intensive investigation for which it needs to be done by experienced professionals with the highest level of expertise. They have to understand the situation and explore the different lines of investigation to ensure productive results. 


  • Perseverance 

mediator will often face roadblocks in the course of his investigation. Only a superior mediator will continue to pursue the matter to a successful conclusion and not be discouraged by the oppositions, non-co operations, and other difficulties. 


  • Communication Skills 

This plays a very crucial role in a mediator’s job. The ability to convey his ideas that might alter others’ perception of the situation is very necessary. Hence they need to communicate their proposals in a concise and transparent manner to be understood by lawyers and other parties alike. 


So, if you need any help regarding any fiduciary disputes, you can call us on 415-314-6566.