Forensic CPA in San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Santa Clara, San Jose, Fresno, and Nearby Cities

All of us need to consult an accountant sooner or later. It is even more important for commercial firms to hire the services of experts such as a forensic CPA or a tax advisor to not only keep track of the work being done in the firm but also find out if any criminal activities are being carried out. We, at Sugarman and Company LLP, bring to you such services and more to your doorstep. We have a team that understands the importance of the work and make sure that there is no drop in quality. This dedication of our employees has helped us scale greater heights with each passing year. We specialize in finding out frauds, commercial thefts, and embezzlements which would otherwise go unnoticed for a long time. If you are a resident of the areas of San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Santa Clara, Davis, San Jose, or Fresno then you can rely on us for your accounting needs.

Forensic CPA in San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Santa Clara, San Jose, FresnoHere, we have made a list of 3 qualities that you must look for in a professional accountant. Take a look.

  • Ability to Track Unusual Activities

The starting point of a fraudulent transaction of any magnitude is one unusual activity. From there the scale escalates. A professional must be able to find out the unlawful activity right from the beginning.

  • Ability to Research

Not all transactions that lead to embezzlement can be found outright. Sometimes the trail goes back years and only thorough research will be able to reveal everything. A professional must have the resources and the tenacity to complete it.

  • Ability to Follow Legal Methods

Tracking financials of a company or an individual has certain legal procedures that must be followed without fail. An expert in this field should not only have knowledge of these rules but also be compliant with them.

So, if you are looking for an accountant with the above qualities then you can give us a call at 415-314-6566, without any further delay.