Forensic CPA in San Jose, Davis, Santa Rosa, and all the Surrounding Areas

A major financial loss can be quite devastating; whether you are wrongfully accused of a financial fraud or you find yourself becoming a victim of it. These are the times you should hire a forensic CPA, whom you can trust, to look into the financial discrepancies. Founded in 1977 Sugarman & Company LLP provides litigation support, prepares expert witness testimony, extensive financial analysis, and also serves as a financial consultant in many cases. Being in the business for the past 50 years, we have gained the knowledge and the experience to qualify as the leading fraud examiner and certified insolvency and reorganization advisor in fields like advertising, hospitals, real estate, and direct selling to name a few. Keeping your best interest in mind our professionals use their expertise to provide you exceptional service and outstanding fiduciary adviceWhen the stakes are high, people of Davis, Fresno, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, and Santa Rosa come to Sugarman & Company for trustworthy forensic accounting services to plaintiffs and defense attorney across all stages of courtroom activities.  

Forensic CPA in San Jose, Davis, Santa Rosa

Below we have mentioned 3 types of cases handled by our forensic experts. Take a look. 

  1. Bankruptcy 

These days laws involving insolvency and bankruptcy have become more stringent. When outstanding debts are left unpaid for long periods forensic accounting is required to prepare the case if matters reach the court. 


  1. Fraud 

Studies show every business loses around 5% of their annual revenue to fraud every year. Our experts use their skill and tactics to identify the fraud and recover the losses. They even analyze the situation to make a compelling case for your company. 


  1. Dispute analysis 

Few areas of dispute involve settling financial matters, calculating commercial damages, and infringements of patents and intellectual property. Our forensic expert can expose the details and bring satisfactory results. 


If you or anyone you know needs any consultancy service, you can get in touch with any of our forensic experts on 415-395-7500.