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Litigations occur when disputes arise within a company or between concerned parties in Sacramento, CA, and the surrounding areas. These combative situations often halt business or drain funds with extensive legal action. They also harm establishments in the long run if fraudulent activities have caused a diminished reputation or tapped resources.

Why allow your business to suffer? Call for litigation consulting in Sacramento, California, whenever you need some support or guidance. The team at Sugarman & Company LLP has provided such support to companies of all sizes and types over the past 50 years.

Our consulting and accounting firm includes forensic accountants, investigators, and consultants. Reach out for anti-money laundering litigation support now!

Anti-Money Laundering Litigation Support in Sacramento

From trade-based laundering to real estate laundering, crime touches every sector. However, laundering occurs in numerous ways, from criminals manipulating the value of goods to faking transactions and lying about where the money goes altogether. It also harms countless individuals and institutions, including profit or non-profit organizations, investors, and everyone in between.

Anti-money laundering litigation support means you entrust your case to a forensics accountant alongside competent investigators. We sort through financial documents, like bank and transaction statements, and compare them to the AML standards to uncover fraud or unusual activity. The team will then identify which category the anomaly falls under, such as financial fraud or Ponzi scheme.

A Consultant Providing Anti-Money Laundering Litigation Support in a Sacramento OfficeAnti-Money Laundering Consulting in Sacramento, California

If you’re representing a victim of money laundering in Sacramento, CA, it’s best to reach out for anti-money laundering consulting services. We also offer financial analyses, arbitration, and expert witness testimonies, skillfully and articulately testifying before a judge and jury or preparing others to take the witness stand.

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