Shareholder Disputes in San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, Santa Rosa, and Nearby Cities

Every kind of business has its own shareholders. With a number of shareholders for one company, shareholder disputes are inevitable and can arise due to a number of ways. This can arise due to a fallout in the direction of the company, change in management, personal problems affecting the business, conflict of interest, etc. Whatever the dispute is about, you need to settle them immediately in order to prevent further damage to your company’s reputation and business relationships.

At Sugarman & Company LLP, we have been providing solutions for financially distressed companies for more than four decades. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing the best win-win solutions for all the parties involved. We believe that no situation is too large, complex, or challenging for our accounting and consulting firm. We provide our services to Davis, Fresno, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, and Santa Rosa. If you are from any of these areas and need help to solve your disputes, we are the perfect solution for you.

Shareholder Disputes in San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, Santa RosaHere are some options in which shareholder disputes can be resolved:

  1. Mediation

Mediation is the best possible approach to resolve shareholder disputes. It allows the shareholders in the conflict to negotiate a resolution on their own under the guidance of a skilled mediator. This mediator will not force resolutions or make decisions for them, rather he will guide them to come to a compromise as soon as possible. An experienced consulting firm can provide you with a mediator to work towards an outcome that is fair for both parties.

  1. Arbitration

If in case of mediation doesn’t work, arbitration is your next best option. In this process, you can select an arbitrator who is familiar with your industry and let him or her make the decisions that the shareholders have to agree on.

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