Shareholder Disputes in San Francisco, Santa Clara, Davis, San Jose, and Surrounding Areas

Every company begins with certain ideas and plans that all the parties involved in the making of the company agree to. However, over time the people who have built the company may not agree with one another. This is when shareholder disputes come into the picture. We, at Sugarman and Company LLP, aim to help you resolve such conflicts and restore stability to your firm. Our lawyers are experts in the field of company matters. They assess the requirements of their clients and study the case thoroughly. They look into the financials of the company as well as of the owners. They leave no stone unturned to check each aspect of the case, thereby providing the client with a foolproof solution. Serving customers in and around the areas of San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Santa Clara, Davis, San Jose, and Fresno is our privilege.

Shareholder Disputes in San Francisco, Santa Clara, Davis, San JoseHere, we have put together 3 ways in which a legal firm can easily help you resolve conflicting positions between owners of a company. Take a look.

  • Through Conversation

Any legal firm will first try to resolve a conflict through dialogue. No one really wants to go to court over matters. Conversation among the owners of the company can often help get through it all easily.

  • Through Negotiation

Once a conversation is initiated then lawyers try to get the parties to reach a settlement by negotiations. They discuss each point of the conflict in a way that will help all the parties to get a part of what they want and let a part go.

  • Through Litigation

Perhaps the very resort to resolving any conflict is through the due process of law. A case is filed by either party and a hearing date is set. The matter is then sorted out in front of a judge and a final judgment is received.

So, if your company happens to be in such a difficult situation then get in touch with us for swift resolutions.