White Collar Crime Forensics in San Francisco, CA

Money for White Collar Crime Forensics in San Francisco, CAWhen you think about crimes in San Francisco, CA, often people envision a masked person robbing a back or stealing jewelry. And while these do happen, there are some crimes that aren’t thought of very often but are just as bad. White collar crime forensics is an important part of what we do at Sugarman & Company LLP. White collar crimes are referred to in this way because they typically don’t involve violence and are perpetrated by those who don’t hold laboring positions in a business, such as accountants, executives, and others that are in positions where they can gain some sort of financial or business advantage. We have seen examples such as embezzlement, securities fraud, money laundering, and more. When you need expert help with white collar crime forensics, contact our team.

What Does It Take for White Collar Crime Forensics in San Francisco

While some white collar crimes are easily figured out, many others are not that easy and require the expertise of a team like ours. Successful investigations of white collar crimes typically require an in-depth understanding of complex accounting, tax, and financial issues. Because this level of understanding is much more specialized, our 50+ years of service helps to build trust that we understand what needs to be done and can handle any white collar crime forensic project.

There can be many times where white collar crimes intersect with organized crime groups, and this only adds to the complexity. Making the important connections can help to shed light on just how extensive a white collar crime is. White collar crime forensics isn’t just a few days of investigation and then things are wrapped up, it involves properly documenting all of the facts to show how everyone involved did what they did.

Combating White Collar Crimes in San Francisco, California

Man on Computer Doing White Collar Crime Forensics in San Francisco, CAIt can be difficult to be sure if there are things going on behind the scenes at a company, and unless you are well versed in financial documents and other accounting practices, you wouldn’t know exactly what to look for. At Sugarman & Company LLP, we understand forensic accounting practices and can help with preparing documents and being an expert witness for organizations in San Francisco, California. Helping to remove the bad guys with our white collar crime forensics is at the top of our list.

Just because someone didn’t get killed doesn’t mean a crime hasn’t been committed. Development of the Port of San Francisco and the establishment in 1869 of overland access to the eastern U.S. rail system via the newly completed Pacific Railroad helped make the Bay Area a center for trade. The first cable cars carried San Franciscans up Clay Street in 1873. The influential San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association or SPUR was founded in 1910 to address the quality of housing after the earthquake in 1908. Contact us for all of your white collar crime forensic needs.