White-Collar Crime & Ponzi Scheme Forensics in Sacramento, CA

White-collar crimes encompass acts committed against employees, consumers, investors, and companies. Sometimes, trusted employees commit these crimes, and other times, third parties become perpetrators. Still, because these crimes aren’t violent, many people assume they aren’t serious. However, white-collar crime still hurts Sacramento, CA’s profit and non-profit establishments through rife embezzlement or outright laundering, as well as bribery.

One way to prevent this is with white-collar crime forensics, whether it happens in Sacramento, CA, or the nearby areas. Why not check in with Sugarman & Company LLP? We’ve successfully facilitated over $100 million in settlements over more than 50 years in forensics accounting and its various legal applications.

Ponzi Scheme Forensics in Sacremento

Competent forensic investigations are vital for uncovering white-collar crime. A forensic accountant gathers bank statements and other financial records and interviews those involved in the dispute.

White-collar crimes aren’t the only types that accountants unmask. Take the following examples:

  • Ponzi scheme: Instead of paying off old investors with company profits, white-collar criminals may pocket the money and use new investors to reimburse former ones.
  • Financial Fraud: Unusual patterns in financial data occur when an individual uses company funds for illegal activities. Forensics identifies these trends and follows the trail.

A Forensic Accountant providing White Collar Crime Forensics Support in a Sacramento OfficeForensic Accounting in Sacramento, California

Is fraud the issue? A forensic accountant runs data through numerous systems to decipher these questions.

For instance, they’ll compare your company’s financial trends to anti-money laundering standards. How does it look in line with regulatory demands? They may also reconstruct past transactions and pinpoint anomalies.

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Sugarman & Company LLP works with criminal defense lawyers during litigation, as well as offering financial fraud services, forensic accounting, and court appearances as an expert witness resource. With over five decades conducting white-collar crime forensics in Sacramento, CA, and the surrounding areas, you’re in good hands—contact us today!